Dishonored 2 E3 2015 trailer and Info

E3 has officially began and Bethesda has come out swinging with some great announcements and game play. One of which is Dishonored 2!

Arkane Studios also revealed that you will be able to play as a male and female and is entirely your choice, The male character is returning character Corvo Attano and the female is Emily Kaldwin also a character from the first game but now she’s all grown up and with powers of her own! Emily is also revealed as Corvo’s daughter. The trailer featured the voice of the outsider who originally gave Corvo his powers

The character you chose will also affect the powers you have for instance instead of Corvo’s ‘Blink’ move Emily shows off her ‘Grappling tentacle move’ which allows her to fast travel around the map. Although the trailer doesn’t show anything on Corvo’s powers we are assuming his powers from the first will be available to him. The trailer mainly showed off Emily’s abilities and a bit of story. Emily also appeared to turn into a shadow and moved along the wall, a move called ‘shadow walking’ was also removed from the original Dishonored. As for Emily’s arsenal of weapons not much is shown off but we did get a glimpse of a crossbow and also an arc-mine which was added to Dishonored through the DLC content ‘knife of Dunwall’. Emily also appeared to pick up Corvo’s retractable sword in the trailer.

Dishonored 2 will take place in Karnaca, a city located on the continent of Serkonos to the south of the original game’s setting of Dunwall. Karnaca is notable for being the birthplace of Corvo, as well as the source of “corrupted” Bone Charms–passive upgrade items with both positive and negative effects also introduced in The Knife of Dunwall. In a change from the city of Dunwall, Karnaca features what appears to be a greater blend of both urban and natural environments, including brighter, warmer locales. Technology appears to have advanced, too, with Emily seen fighting robotic enemies.

People will also be glad to know that you can still play through the entire game in stealth or all out assault the choice is yours. Dishonored 2 is said to be released in spring 2016 on Xbox one.

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