Xbox One UK’s Weekly News Round Up! 07/06 – 14/06

Apparently something’s happening next week. E3, I think it’s called. Just a quiet little event in some Californian city. What’s that? It’s the biggest video games trade fair where the majority of reveals and announcements are made? Oh. Oh, my.

Yes, E3 is finally here! Well, here today if you’re in an American time zone, here early tomorrow and onwards for everyone else. Xbox One UK will be covering as much of the news, trailers, and goings-on as we possibly can – we’ve even got a new E3 section on the site. Before things get going, though, here’s an update on the most popular articles of the week to make sure you’re all caught up!


The biggest news was giving away the new Xbox One console. Probably realising that the proverbial cat had just jumped out of the proverbial bag, an official unveil was made along with the news of a reduced price for the 500GB console.

New Xbox One 1TB Console Unveiled, Xbox One 500GB Consoles Reduced

Looks a lot like the other Xbox One consoles, actually.


News from yesterday now, as EA announced their full games list for E3. There are two Star Wars titles and plenty of sports games to be on display, so get ready to blast, run, kick and drive your way through EA’s upcoming games.

EA Announce full game list for E3, surprises confirmed

It’s in the game, you know.


Staying with EA, the EA Access Twitter account teased that members of the service could expect a new game in the Vault this week. What could that game be?

New game coming to EA Access?

The mice in EA’s Vault keep nibbling the letters.


GameSpot are having their own E3 stage shows this year, and revealed within their three-day schedule is the rather plain sounding ‘Xbox One System Update Demo’. It’ll be shown at 1:30am, Thursday 18th June, UK time; for what we might expect, take a look at the article.

Microsoft To Show “Xbox One System Update Demo”

Forest greeeeen.


Destiny fans, details of the next expansion, ‘The Taken King’, were given away by a tipster last week. Amongst names of new Strikes and PVP maps there are details on new character sub-classes and a whole new enemy army. Excited much?

LEAKED: Destiny Next Expansion is ‘The Taken King’ Out September 15th

“Hey, check out my funky blue helmet lights!”


Elder Scrolls Online definitely were excited with the game finally coming to consoles last week, except it wasn’t the smooth start we’d all hoped for.

The Elder Scrolls Online Broken At Launch

Look deep into my blue eyes and forget your loading problems.


Does the prospect of virtual reality make you giddy to the point where someone yells at you to sit down for five minutes? No? Well, the announcement of Microsoft and Oculus teaming up, revealing some fancy controllers at the same time, will probably please the people around you, then.

Microsoft Announces Partnership With Oculus Rift

The Oculus Rift also features a proprietary hovering mode called ‘Oculus Lift’. (It doesn’t really.)


Deals time! Have a look at this week’s Deals with Gold and see if there’s anything that takes your fancy. We recommend Sunset Overdrive, but whatever the case you’ve only got till tomorrow, 15th June, before the deals end.

This Week’s Deals with Gold on Xbox

Xbox = Green. (So long as you turn on power saving mode).


If your middle name is ‘ostentatious’ (and it could be), and you’re a fan of Grand Theft Auto Online, the latest update will make you overjoyed with the prospect of gold things. So many gold things.

Grand Theft Auto 5 Online Update ill-Gotten gains part 1 drops this week!

A car that just screams class.


Remember that game called Halo? Here’s a reason to stop playing Destiny for a moment and take a look at that other great shooter set in space.

New Leaked Halo 5 Screenshots and New Gameplay Info

Sand is a pain to get out of armour. Trust us.


To end, here’s something to look forward to.

Gears of War confirmed for E3

Take a deep breath.


That’s it for this week. Until next time, enjoy E3!

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