Help Bring Guardians Of The Forest To Xbox One

A new Kickstarter has been  launched for a game called Guardians Of The Forest. The game is a multiplayer brawler much in the vain of Super Smash Brothers with a mystical twist all the characters that you play in the game are cute little woodland creatures e.g rabbit.

The game features 15 different game modes including deathmatch, king of the hill and many other staple favorites. The game also features extensive customization options allowing you to create your own character sprites and use them in battle against your friends. Also included is a level design editor allowing you to create your very own multiplayer arenas.

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However Guardians Of The Forest is not launching on Xbox One it is starting off on the Playstation 4 and OUYA. Not to fret though as the developers have announced if they reach a goal of $5000 then they will port it to both Xbox One and Wii U. In terms of Game Development this is not a huge pile of money and if all those who would enjoy playing something like this on their Xbox were to donate a small amount of money each say $10 as this is the minimum amount then it would really help speed up the process.

If you wish to check out the game’s Kickstarter page click here

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One thought on “Help Bring Guardians Of The Forest To Xbox One”

  1. Chris Buck says:

    Funding ended 9 hours ago…

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