Grand Theft Auto 5 Online Update ill-Gotten gains part 1 drops this week!

Rockstar Games have just released some new info and screens for their upcoming update, ill-gotten gains (part 1)  due for release for Grand theft auto 5 online on Wednesday 10th June.


ill gotten gains 1

The update is full of bling and gold by the looks of the screenshots stating that there is a surge in high-end crime across San Andreas! All the high-class merchants are in demand for luxury goods to stock pile their inventories to serve the wealthy. The first of 2 major deliveries drops this week will be hitting the showrooms of luxury car dealerships, the shelves of top arms suppliers and other prestigious retailers. The second update will also be dropping this Summer, so keep an eye on the Xbox One UK for info as and when info is released.

ill gotten gains 2

The First screenshot shows the new Enus Windsor’ which comes fully packed with 8 different vehicle wraps inspired by the high-end designers of Rockford hills.

ill gotten gains 3

Or how about fly in style? call your Elitas agent now for the solid gold ‘Buckingham swift Deluxe!’

ill gotten gains 4

Want a new solid gold gun? visit your local Ammu-Nation for the ‘COMBAT PDW’ (personal defense weapon)

ill gotten gains 5

The classic lines of the ‘Albany Virgo’ will add class, luxury and style to any garage.

ill gotten gains 9

The Legendary Motorsports car ‘Pegassi Osiris’ will also be available.

ill gotten gains 6

The ‘Pegassi Osiris’ features gull-wing doors just like the Benefactor Stirling GT

ill gotten gains 7

For that sparkle in the sky you can fly around in the solid gold ‘Buckingham Luxor Deluxe’ .

ill gotten gains 8

There is also hundreds of new clothing and accessories available at exclusive clothier.

So if you want to flash the cash and show off all your new and wonderful purchases be sure to jump on Wednesday and get to buying and i will see you all online 😉

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