Batman Arkham Knight To Be At E3 2015

Rocksteady Studios have been confirmed to appear at this year’s E3 with their brand new game Batman Arkham Knight. Their presence at the show was confirmed in an article written by IGN that accounted for all developers that are attending the event this year. This comes a few days after Rocksteady released the last few trailers for their title that showed off Red Hood and Harley Quinn.


As to what they might show off? Well I have a strong feeling that Rocksteady are likely to give us another gameplay demo to check out. Perhaps we will get a glimpse at another character like Nightwing or Catwoman as this is one thing we have yet to seen shown off outside of the dual play presentation. Another strong tip maybe that Rocksteady will appear at Sony’s E3 conference much like what they did last year to show off the timed exclusive DLC Scarecrows Nightmare Missions the prospects are endless.


Rocksteady Studios will be present at the Warner Brothers Games stall at E3 from the 14th to the 16th of June so be sure to check out any livestream for more info.

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