Killer Instinct Shadow Mode Launched

Ever wanted to punch yourself in the face? Well now you can. Developer Rare have released an update for killer Instinct that will introduce a new game mode called Shadow Mode.

In a mechanic that seems similar to Forza 5’s avatar system, Shadow Mode makes copies of your character that over time will learn your fighting style. This shadow character can then play on its own online, both against your friends and in a league system. Shadows can fight against each other in a league system so that the player will gain rewards and bragging rights over their friends. Shadow mode allows you to play against your friends at anytime, whether they’re online or not.

With a simple touch of the ‘Save Shadow Data’ button, data will be uploaded to the brain of your shadow and its skill set and style will be updated. This data is gathered from the player by the Shadow Engine that watches and analyzes how you play and respond in every scenario


The leaderboards are based on something called a Shadow Points system. The player gains points and the accumulation of these points determine where the player stands in the leaderboards. Shadow points can be earned by playing in four different game modes:

Shadow Survival – Quickly experience fighting styles from the community and create rivalries with people you’ve never known. Earn Shadow Points and issue Bounties to players you’ve beaten to encourage them to avenge their loss!

Shadow Challenge – Directly challenge someone’s Shadow to win Shadow Points. The bigger the fish, the bigger the payoff!

Shadow Leaderboards – Brand new Leaderboards just for this mode. Sort the best Shadows by character type and find the top Shadow Survival scores to see who’s on top!

Shadow Data – Dive deeper into your Shadow’s Brain and learn how the system has analyzed you and replicated how you play. You can also see how many recordings you have, and even Spar against your Shadow.

It is the ability to fight against yourself that is really interesting. It allows you to experience first hand both your strengths and your weaknesses thus allowing you to see what you need to work on to be a better player.

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