Life is Strange Episode 3 Review

Life is Strange Episode 3 Review

This you are about to read is the review of the third episode of Life is Strange. The complete series consists of five episodes, so this may contain spoilers.

If you’ve played the other 2 episodes you’ll know what to expect. Except, this time around you’re due to be shocked and awed at the twists and turns, and just as you think things are going great, all hell breaks loose. Awesome story telling is what this is. A couple weird instances where I had no idea what to do, though.. Once you figure it out, the goose bumps turn up in great force. I wish there were more games like this, I’d throw more money at the Xbox store.

Life is Strange: Chaos Theory shows once again the impressive visuals of the series and really gets you sucked into the whole plot. Life Is Strange remains an absolute treat for interactive movie fans and one of the most unique and memorable video game settings of recent years and I am not being over the top when I say that, this is such a remarkable game.

Ok so the plot starts when max is sat at her desk awaking with drool on her face after falling asleep, and so she sets of on her travels trying to figure out whats the next part. I did enjoy Max and Chloe’s break into the principal’s office that night to investigate files and folders to try and find out clues, I wont go into great depth about why they are there as I don’t want to spoil it for you, but all I can say is they get into the room in such a cool way…with a few items from the science department and a few rewinds with time ”Jobs a gooden”. The next part did seem a tad strange that Chloe insists on entering the pool for a swim and Max has to join in!


But what they don’t know is that the the police department has now been alerted and they come to inspect the activity inside, ohhh nooo best get out of here sharpish! They head back into the school in the dark looking for a way out, with a few tricks from Max this part can be a tad tricky and I was caught a few times before I finally got out of the building before heading back to Chloe’s parents house. The next morning, her stepfather David returns home a confrontation erupts between them which you have to decide which side to choose between Chloe and David.

Max and Chloe depart for the diner to sneak into the RV of Frank Bowers, Rachel’s friend. Max heads into the diner to ask a lot of questions that will help her to gain control of Frank’s keys that will give her access to his RV (a caravan with wheels to us British folk) after Chloe and Max get into the RV they find photos and clues that Rachel was having a romantic relationship with Frank and lied to Chloe about it, she storms off feeling betrayed.


Back at the Dormitory Max finds an old picture, a childhood picture of her and Chloe and without notice she is whisked back to being twelve again when the picture was taken and faced with the chance to save Chloe’s dad from dying in a car crash, so you have to decide where to hide his keys from him before he finds them, which inadvertently creates a alternative reality where Chloe is in wheelchair.


All in all this is such a cliffhanger ending and I am really looking forward to the next part… wish I could play with time and fast forward to the release.

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