The Witcher 3 Round-Up: Patches, Video, DLC, Stats and Art

Geralt’s back! The much loved Butcher of Blaviken is stomping around our consoles once more, and even a week after launch The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is still commanding the spotlight. As such, we’re going to cover a couple of positive news points in this post, a new video from CD Projekt Red that’s well worth a watch if you’re a fan of the game’s music, as well as a quick look at this week’s free DLC, before rounding things off with a celebration in the form of lovely, lovely artwork. Let’s get started!

The Fiend didn’t take kindly to Geralt squashing his flowers.


Starting with what might be the most pressing news for some Xbox Witcher players, the date of the next patch for the game. Although there’s nothing official, CD Projekt Red’s community coordinator Marcin Momot tweeted only two days ago that patches for the console version of the game where in the certification process; as of yesterday, the Playstation 4 version started seeing updates and it’s been reported the patch – 1.03 – is being rolled out on Xbox One. As of approximately 11:00 this morning we didn’t have the automatic update, but by the time you’re reading this it may be out.

For patch notes in full, visit the CD Projekt Red forums. Highlights include improvement to stability in gameplay and the UI, especially during games of gwent; fixing instances of an infinite loading screen during certain circumstances in the quest ‘Wandering in the Dark’; and blood particles will now properly appear on water surfaces after foes are killed. If we can’t see that crimson shimmer on the surface of a puddle after we’ve hewn a bandit in half the whole immersion is just ruined.

Lastly on the patch front, Marcin Momot confirmed on Twitter that the 1.03 patch will lock the Xbox One gameplay to 30fps. This should help stop any moments in gameplay where things start to judder, thus providing a smoother experience.


From patches to music, now, and a video released yesterday by CD Projekt Red showing Priscilla the minstrel’s hauntingly beautiful rendition of ‘The Wolven Storm’. The four-minute song is part of the game’s main quest, however there are no major spoilers – this is a video to show off the various language dubs for the game.

The languages in the video include English, German, Polish, French, Portuguese, Japanese and Russian (though not necessarily in that order). Even if you don’t speak the other languages, the emotion is there to pick up on. Hurrah for world-wide video game distribution bringing us all closer together!


Like Ciri above, let’s mull over some numbers (though she may actually be analysing the visceral remains of a werewolf victim – I can relate to that with my GCSE maths exam paper). The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is already a critical success, and appears to now be a commercial one also. As if the pre-orders that exceeded one million weren’t clue enough, the latest sales charts are out and The Witcher has come out on top. knocking Bandai Namco’s other recent title, Project Cars, from the highest spot on the All Formats chart. Wild Hunt has also roared past Battlefield Hardline to become 2015’s best selling game in it’s debut week in the UK so far, to the tune of 53% more sales than EA’s game.

Launching simultaneously on three major platforms will have no doubt helped, yet, surprisingly, Xbox One and PC sales of the game only account for 37% of the total sales, with Playstation 4 taking a vast majority.

Time for a change of wardrobe.

Before the Wild Hunt launched, it was announced the game will be getting two paid-for downloadable expansion packs, as well as 16 free smaller downloadable add-ons. Last week saw beards and horse armour, this week sees miners and robes.

CONTRACT: MISSING MINERS – Miners from a small Skellige village are disappearing. Investigate and find out what’s happening!

ALTERNATIVE LOOK FOR YENNEFER – Check out this entirely new look for the mighty sorceress Yennefer of Vengerberg!

No word yet on next week’s DLC, but these extra items are very nice touch from CD Projekt Red.


Right, that’s the news sorted – now let’s look at some art! There’s been a lot of talk surrounding the graphics of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, and while the game on PC might not look quite as good as it did a few years ago and the Xbox One version has to utilize dynamic resolution scaling to reach 1080p, there’s no denying it’s still a beautiful game.


The art for the Wild Hunt is just as stunning – CD Projekt Red has done a fantastic job not only with creating striking marketing images, but in detailing aspects of the game in concept art. The first set of art isn’t from Projekt Red, however, but StudioKxx, who created covers for the steel book that comes with the game’s collector’s edition.

You can find the originals here.

What follows is a collection of art from CD Projekt Red and respective artists (and is all entirely owned by them), featuring characters, mountains, monsters and much more. Enjoy!










Wild Hunt Naglfar_Wojtala_big




witchertriss (1)










More art than you can shake a silver sword at!

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