Resident Evil Zero Remaster Coming In 2016

Due to the success of Resident Evil HD selling over 1 million copies Capcom have announced that they will return to work on the HD version of the 2002 Gamecube hit Resident Evil Zero.

Zero begins with a focus on the ill-fated Bravo Team, who ventured into the Arklay Mountains before the events of Resident Evil. You play as both Rebecca Chambers and escaped convict Billy Coen. Memorably, much of the adventure takes place on a runaway train.


Apart from the awkward exchanging of plants, they manage to reassure us that they have a team including members of the team from the original game.

They also said that HD remasters of its “catalogue hit titles” will be one of its “key business activities” during an investor Q&A earlier this month.

What could this mean for gaming? What else are you hoping to get remade? Let us know in the comments below.

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