Destiny: Weekly Strike, Plus HoW Gear Refresh and PoE Arena Levels – 26/05

Change is afoot once again in Destiny, as a new week brings new strikes. That’s not all this week, though: the House of Wolves vendors have new gear in their inventories, and the Prison of Elders arena levels have been switched.

First things first, and the weekly Heroic and Nightfall Strikes.
















Shadow Thief with Specialist modifier for the Heroic, Sepkis Prime with the Lightswitch and Brawler modifers for the Nightfall, plus unknown rewards! What could they be?

Moving onto the inventories, House of Wolves vendor Varik is selling the Kellbreaker’s Cloak chest armour, touting 536 defence, +42 Light and +166 Strength. There’s also the Servant of Aksor fusion rifle with a 365 attack.

Finally, the arenas. Prisoner of Elders is now level 28, Urrox’s Grudge is level 32, and The Forever Eater is level 34.

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