Spy Chameleon Review

Spy Chameleon Review

With the ability to change colour, blending into the environment, it’s fair to say chameleons would make the best spies. Developers Unfinished Pixel obviously thought of this and decided a stealth game would be the best fit for the adaptable lizard. They weren’t wrong.

A stealth puzzler, in Spy Chameleon you control the titular lizard as he must avoid a various assortment of cameras in order to reach the levels exit. With seventy five levels, each increasing in difficulty there’s plenty of content here for the enticing £3.99 price tag. And it’s a damn fine game.

I do love it when a game comes out of nowhere and surprises me, Spy Chameleon is one of those games. What starts of as pleasant tutorials showing you what to avoid soon turns into a mess of cameras, attached to everything from roaming robots to fish tanks. And to avoid them the chameleons colour changing ability comes into play.


During the earlier levels you’ll come across rugs on the floor with a specific colour and tins of paint you can knock over, and with the buttons on the Xbox pad you can change your colour from green to blue, red or yellow. By matching the colour of the rug you’re able to hide from the cameras. This gets a lot more difficult later on with the likes of paint cans used in a similar way, and not to mention the changing, disco like floors. It means you’re always on your toes and also the tine you finish the stage gets recorded and you can see what your fellow xbox live mates have finished the level in also, such a nice touch.

The levels are brilliantly designed and thankfully the controls are nice and responsive, something needed when you have the colours of the floor changing constantly, with one wrong slip sending you back to the previous checkpoint.

These checkpoints being favorably positioned, allowing you to quickly try again if you’re caught. Doing this though doesn’t reset the timer and this is a game all about finishing levels in the fastest time possible.


Reaching the end of each level is challenging in itself, but the longevity in Spy Chameleon really comes from doing all the challenges. With each level you need to complete it in a set time, collect all the flies and then collect all the ladybugs. With it being impossible to do these in one run, levels will need to be replayed, at least doubling the games longevity if you want to 100% the game. There are also a number of achievements, some of which can only be unlocked in hard mode, which if you really want to get the most out of Spy Chameleon is the way to play.

Graphically everything is bright, colorful and cartoony. Serviceable would be the best way to describe it, not exactly setting the world alight, but it does the job. Music is the same pretty much, though it does have an opening theme song, the beat repeats after a few seconds which managed to burrow into my soul like very few themes do and also i found myself humming the tune in my head when on my way to work dam you i hate it when that happens.

All in all i love this game and so does my family it really is a game for everyone to enjoy and for the price i think this is a worthy purchase.

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