More Arkham Knight Pre-Order Bonus Skins And Arkham Insider #3

It seems to be becoming a tradition with the Arkham series of games that more pre-order skins and characters become available as time goes on and Arkham Knight seems to be following suit with their latest releases

Arkham Skins 250515

The two skins coming from Rocksteady’s new “Gotham’s Future Skin Pack” are Terry McGinnis’ Batman Beyond outfit and Bruce Wayne’s Dark Knight Returns outfit.

The DKR outfit looks like it has fallen straight from the pages of the famous graphic novel but the Batman Beyond suit has been bulked up to look more like the Arkham Knight’s suit.

So far, the skins are only confirmed in US markets, with the likes of Amazon UK and Game not listing these pre-order bonuses. There’s time yet for them to be announced over here, however it’s probable both skins will be available in the UK via Arkham Knight’s Season Pass anyway.

Below we have the latest Arkham Insider which has a more in depth look at the outfits of the key characters.



For more Arkham Knight, check out the game’s voice cast, as well as Arkham Insiders #1 and #2.

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