Xbox One Slim For E3 2015? or Stay as normal?

So We are only a few weeks from this year’s E3 show; people are already placing their bets on the Xbox One Slim.

In the past, we have seen Microsoft release updated console hardware about every 2 years. The same trend is expected to continue with the current gen consoles too we expect, which makes it highly likely that Microsoft would make use of E3 2015 as the stage to launch the Xbox One Slim

Microsoft may or may not utilize a smaller manufacturing process for the SoC. At present, the AMD APU inside the Xbox One is built using the 28nm manufacturing process. If the Xbox One Slim has a 20nm (or smaller) APU, the Xbox One Slim would turn out to be more power efficient, sipping lesser juice off the wall.


Of course, Sony isn’t expected to stay quiet for long if Microsoft goes ahead and announces the Xbox One Slim. A PS4 Slim would follow, or Sony might simply drop the price of the PS4 and call it a day. That may or may not result in a price war, of which the latter is more likely. Current gen consoles are already being sold at an affordable price point,

What do you guys think? Are you expecting to see the Xbox One Slim at E3 2015?

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4 thoughts on “Xbox One Slim For E3 2015? or Stay as normal?”

  1. Worst thing ever either different coloured xbox one or no slime because it be a waste of money and there be no point because most people already have an xbox one so go stuff it somewhere else microsoft no one really wants a slime be a total waste of money once again saying it again and again waste of money because it be similer to the xbox one now but different size that is all

  2. wooow xbox one slim is beautiful

  3. Austin UK says:

    I hope there is an Xbox one slim with a new hardware refresh to bring it closer to the PS4. If it happens I will defy buy an Xbox One.

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