New – Anoxemia

Coming to consoles towards the end of this year from developers Badland Indie, Anoxemia is described as a ‘slow-paced action game‘. You play as Dr. Bailey, who gets stranded on the ocean floor when his submarine crashes, armed only with his diving suit and operations drone. Communication with the surface isn’t possible, but the man’s on a mission and he’s determined to complete it.

Just what the man’s mission is currently a mystery, but the plot is important in Anoxemia. It ‘plays with storytelling methods both subtle and not so subtle,’ the aim being to create a palpable tension and enthralling intrigue. The narrative is kicked off with a short comic and some spoken narration by Dr. Bailey, with most of the character development occurring, ‘when the doctor makes comments to himself during gameplay, thinking out loud to voice his concerns about events or to comment on the world around him.’  (Which is basically what this author does when playing video games).

The perspective is 2D, and controls involve moving the operations drone around screen to direct Dr. Bailey, who follows immediately behind. There are set to be ‘twisty passageways and complex caverns,‘ lurking in which will be upgrades and items like harpoons and dynamite, as well as seaweed samples, and O2 canisters to keep your levels reassuringly high. We’ll leave you with enticing final words on the game from Badland Indie themselves:

‘It’s a big, dark world out there, and the mystery of why your sub crashed isn’t going to solve itself.’

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