Batman: Arkham Knight – Skills, Riddles and Timed Exclusives

A listening on Amazon Japan has revealed pre-order bonuses for the upcoming Arkham Knight. Although these bonuses may be exclusive to Japan, they do give us an idea of some of the abilities available to Batman and players in the new game.


While Explosive Gel takedowns are nothing new to the series, the Aerial Juggle move hasn’t been seen in combat before and nor has the ability to throw Batarangs while gliding, confirmed new for this game. There’s an upgrade to the Batmobile’s main gun, too; does this mean that, to begin with, you may wish to dodge some enemies instead of taking them head-on while roving in Batman’s vehicle? It seems probably if you’ll be wanting to upgrade the main gun’s firepower at some point.

In more Arkham news, the Riddler’s been at it again. 243 is the confirmed number of trophies lying around Gotham City, no doubt locked away and only accessibly by solving a nefarious puzzle. While this is fewer than the 440 on offer to Batman and Catwoman in Batman: Arkham City, Sefton Hill, Rocksteady’s Creative Director, tweeted the following:

There are challenges set by the Riddler to test your Batmobile skills also, so there should be plenty on offer. Truth be told, this writer’s already raring to get solving them.

Finally, timed-exclusives and good news for players of Arkham Knight on Xbox.

A listing on for a Playstation 4 bundle with Arkham Knight shows an image similar to this. Although the above are exclusive to Playstation 4 until at least autumn 2015, there looks to be a point after that where this content will also become accessible to Xbox players. If Rocksteady were to end the exclusivity in the autumn, it would still be within their promised six months of extra content from the game’s Season Pass.

Batman: Arkham Knight launches 23rd June. For more on that Season Pass click this here link. If you’d like to know about Arkham Knight’s voice cast – with video – make sure you click on this link. Rocksteady’s latest Batman Insider you’re after? Then you’ll want to be here.

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