Madden NFL 16 – What Do We Know So Far

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There’s no denying that Madden NFL is the one of the biggest sports games. Even many of the NFL players are true fans of Madden NFL  and if you are one of them, then gear youself up for Madden NFL 16 which is taking the game world onto new heights with its launch Xbox One.

The wait is over now EA has officially announced the release date of Madden NFL 16 which is Tuesday the 25th of August 2015, let’s take a look at what is upcoming:

  • Smooth Control Passing

    EA has excelled themselves in designing the control and have laid their best efforts ever to give the gamers a feel of authentic passing control.

  • Complete control- Receiver/Defender

    For an added touch of realism, Quarter Back mechanics have been added in this game that advanced the quality of passing, throws and plus touch.

  • Phenomenal Graphics experience

    How does the ability of editing, cutting and uploading your favorite games online sound, now you can save and view later. EA has gone even further and brought this broadcast feature with new player spotlights, energetic movements and diverse camera angles all giving a unique gaming experience.

  • Exclusive Franchise mode

    Players can now take the role of General Manager to create your paramount team from tip to toe and take every decision from replacement or transfer to concession or fine for augmentation of your team.

  • Madden Handpicked Team

    Choose your supreme team from the legendary players of the past and current talents in the present, go and make your squad unbeatable. Customise the look by selecting the appropriate uniform and overshadow the opposition in season games and solo challenges.

  • Skill training sessions

    Madden NFL 16features 60+ tutorials and drills. Players can acquaint themselves with different strategies and concepts of the game before plunging into the deep end, this feature is more helpful for new Madden gamers looking to hone their skills first.


EA also ran a one week Madden NFL 16 cover vote contest with 4 NFL stars between superstars Odell Beckham Jr., Rob Gronskowski, Patrick Peterson and Antonio Brown to become the 2016 cover athlete, Odell Beckham Jr came out on top and the cover looks pretty sweet:

NFL Cover

 Madden NFL 16 will come in two versions to pre-order (check with your preferred retailer), standard and deluxe. The standard edition will get you 10 Ultimate Team Pro Packs and 1 Playmaker Pack  where as the deluxe edition will get you 36 Ultimate Team Pro Packs featuring NFL super stars of the past and present plus the pre-order exclusive Playmaker Pack.

If you fancy knowing what the current Madden NFL plays like it is in the EA Access vault, check out our article here.

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