Dying Light – ‘The Bozak Horde’ DLC Coming 26/05/2015

Dying Light DLC Teased and Dated

The release date for ‘The Bozak Horde’, the upcoming downloadable content for Dying Light, is set to launch on Tuesday the 26th of May 2015. This all new game mode lets players enter the Harran Stadium and take on a series of twisted challenges laid out by a deeply troubled and unstable psychopath named Bozak. All those who defeat the horde will get their hands on the ultimate stealth weapon – a compound hunting bow – with additional objectives granting access to electric, incendiary, and exploding arrows, I don’t know about you but these sound epic.

This huge addition to the world of Dying Light will offer a hefty challenge even for the most experienced teams of four. On top of that ‘The Bozak Horde’ throws a competitive element into the mix, making the game less predictable and more demanding than ever. This emphasizes that team work and co-op play had a great deal to do with the theme, but you can be a lone wolf if your up to the job.

dying-light Bozak

‘The Bozak Horde’ is free for Season Pass Holders or costs when bought separately, the main features to look forward to are:

  • BRAND-NEW GAME MODE – Go alone or join your friends and beat Bozak’s game with the highest score. Thanks to the newly introduced leaderboards, you can now compete with others to become the very best Dying Light player in the world.
  • ULTIMATE CO-OP CHALLENGE – Inviting friends is no longer the easy way out. Even a team of four seasoned survivors will have their combat and parkour skills thoroughly tested against sadistic trials that could make anyone sweat!
  • ENTIRELY NEW LOCATION – Travel to the heart of Sector 0, the infamous Harran Stadium, where the government lost their first battle against the virus.
  • A NEW GAME-CHANGING WEAPON – Defeat the horde and gain access to the ultimate stealth weapon – a compound hunting bow. Take on additional objectives to get electric, incendiary, and exploding arrows.
  • WHO IS BOZAK? – Survive his brutal challenges and learn more about the man who organized the quarantine zone challenges.

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