Super Paper Man – A Hand Drawn Beauty Via Kickstarter

A next gen game that plays like an old school retro game

The fast-paced co-op platformer ‘Super Paper Man’ is offering fast and furious 2D gameplay like the old Sonic games mixed with mechanics like wall jumping and racing on multiple racing tracks within different 2D layers. The result is a beautiful hand drawn 2D game which sometimes breaks out of the 2 dimensional view.

The hero in this game is called Paperman, a tiny guy made out of paper (Surprise Surprise). His job is to deliver one person´s dreams to another, making him a postie in some way but this tiny hero´s world is in danger. The dream world starts to drift apart, leaving our lightweight hero lost in rifts. Are you going to help him fix the dreamworld and bring people back their dreams, you better believe we are. But one Paperman alone might not be enough to fix the tears torn into the magic world so grab three of your friends and glue it back together as a team, if that can’t happen just be quicker than your partners and take all the credit.

Super Paper Man

Secret Item Games are the team behind Super Paperman have announced their Stretch Goals include an original soundtrack, 35 additional stages, translation into 3 additional languages and a physical collectors edition. All details can be found on their KickStarter page right here, check out the trailer below for what we can expect:


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