Night Maps and Destruction in Battlefield Hardline’s First DLC

Zach Mumbach, Visceral Games’ multiplayer producer on Hardline, recently spoke on the Don’t Revive Me Bro podcast and gave some details of what’s to be expected from Battlefield Hardline’s first DLC, ‘Criminal Activity’.

There’ll be new kit and four maps, two of the latter taking place at night, and all maps having an emphasis on destruction. Whereas the launch maps have been unclear on what is and isn’t destructible, it will supposedly be much more apparent with the ‘Criminal Activity’ maps.

To players who aren’t subscribed to Battlefield Hardline Premium, Mumbach has reassuring words. “We’re obviously doing a ton of Premium stuff, but we’re also going to support players that just bought the game and aren’t necessarily Premium.” New vehicles are also said to be included in the first DLC.

‘Criminal Activity’ is due to be released this summer, however, there is no set release date yet.

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