Lego Dimensions Has Portal 2, The Simpsons, Doctor Who and More.

Last week it was rumoured that Portal would be a playable set in Lego Dimensions. This week that’s confirmed by Lego releasing building instructions for the Dimension Level Pack: Back To The Future, which also features images for other Dimension packs yet to be officially revealed including Jurassic World, Scooby Doo, Portal 2, Doctor Who, and The Simpsons.

So, what’s included in some of these packs? Jurassic World’s Team Pack – based on the upcoming film of the same title – includes a velociraptor, Chris Pratt’s character, a security guard, and what could be a miniature vehicle; Scooby Doo’s Team Pack features one big sandwich, Scooby, Shaggy and the Mystery Machine.

For the Level Packs, Portal 2 has Chell with a Portal gun, a turret, a Companion Cube, and a level no doubt set in Aperture Science Laboratories. The Doctor Who pack features the 12th Doctor, the TARDIS, K-9 and another level.

The Simpsons features in two Fun Packs, one with Bart and a vehicle, the other with Krusty the Clown and a vehicle. There is also a Simpsons Level Pack with Homer, the pink sedan, the TV showing ‘Itchy & Scratchy’, and a level that looks set to take place at 742 Evergreen Terrace.

The images also show packs for previously confirmed properties, including The Lego Movie, The Lord of the Rings and superheroes from the DC Universe.


The news comes via Brickset, who also explained what the Back To The Future instructions consist of. That is, to build the minifigure and mount it on it’s base, after which you’re asked to continue using in-game instructions. Not quite as grand as building an Imperial Star Destroyer, then.

Developed by TT Games, Lego Dimensions is set to launch on 27th September.

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