Get Free Skins With Minecraft’s Birthday

Happy third birthday, Minecraft! Although it’s usually custom to give a gift on someone’s birthday, Minecraft isn’t a person, it’s a video game, and so Mojang are giving you three free skin packs to celebrate.

If you’ve played Minecraft on Xbox 360 there’s a chance you’ll already own two of the three skin packs, but this is their debut on Xbox One along with the third completely new pack. That new pack features skins of Mojang employees, while the other two packs allow you to dress up as Master Chief, Horstachio from Viva Piñata, Conker, Banjo and Kazooie, as well as a Creeper in a suit, of course.



Don’t dawdle to download, though, as these skin packs are only available till 17th May. Xbox One owners can download the packs through here, here, and here.

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