Turtle Beach XO Seven Pro Review

Turtle Beach XO Seven Pro Review

There is lots of choice when it comes to headsets these days, not like it was a few years ago, starting from with basic headsets from around £19.99 to pro gamer headsets for £250.00. Well, you can pick this one up from around £130.

The Original XO Seven for the Xbox One came out in 2013 around the launch for the Xbox One, and was one of the best rated gaming headsets last year. The New XO Seven Pro differs in a number of ways from that headset. Firstly it’s got its own custom stereo headset adapter called the “Ear Force XO Headset Audio Controller Plus“.


For me personally. This is the best headset I’ve ever used. and I’ll tell you why in this review.

Turtle Beach’s XO Seven Pro comes with everything needed to connect to Xbox The package contains the Ear Force Headset Audio Controller Plus, a breakaway cable, a mobile adapter, a micro USB update cable and a removable mic boom. Installation is quick. Connect the Audio Controller Plus to your Xbox One game-pad, attach the breakaway cable between the headset and the Controller Plus, and download any updates via the included mini USB. Once in game, players can toggle between four surround pre-sets: Natural Sound, Bass Boost, Bass and treble Boost and Voice Enhancer. The mic has it’s own set of pre-sets, including: Quiet Room, Normal Room and Loud Room. Now lets get to the gaming!

The inclusion of mobile Cable with In-Line Mic means the headset can be used for phone calls without the boom mic!

I must remind you this is the MLG Pro Circuit headset… and you see why.

Lets start with features on the headset, The headset features customization tools like human Hearing Mode and Game and Mic Presets to go with Mic Monitoring and game and chat volume controls. You can use Superhuman Hearing Mode to pinpoint quiet audio cues like enemy footsteps and weapon reloads; it works as a sound amplifier and helps in creating a more heightened environment for that gaming audio.


What i like about this headset also. It gives you the game pre-sets to customize your sound (Natural Sound, Bass Booster, Bass & Treble Booster and Vocal Booster) and environmental mic presets you can set based on room noise levels (Quiet, Normal & Loud rooms). Allowing for the best mic levels in almost any sorter gaming situation.
The Headset is so soft on the ear’s and when you plan to play a few hours from time to time its what you really want the leather earcups. Gives it that all around comfortable feel on your ears and top of your head. I currently have the Turlebeach Titan-fall headset and this is a massive upgrade.
The audio quality from the XO Seven Pro feels and sounds amazing. I was truly shocked when I first used them on FIFA 15 it felt like I was at Old Trafford or Wembley! When I played Call of Duty it felt like war to say the least. I’ve watched some videos on people comparing this headset with others, and it wins hands down. Turtle Beach has really hit the top target with these and you can see why all the pro gamers use them.
You can still personalize the headset with inter-changeable speaker plates available in loads of designs from the TurtleBeach website, I might even try and get some custom ones made for the team at Xbox One UK ready for EGX.
  • Turtle Beach XO Seven Pro


Overall the headset is amazing. I’m so happy with it, and for the price I really feel it’s a steal for a Pro Gaming headset.

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