Game Wishlist: 5 PC Games I’d Like To Play On Xbox One

Over the years, various PC games have made it onto consoles such as The Escapists, Terraria and of course Minecraft.

I decided that this week I would write a wishlist of 5 games that I would love to see on the Xbox One in the future, check out my list below…

#5 : Football Manager


This is one of my most played games on the PC and although there has been versions of the popular simulator on previous older consoles, it has yet to make it onto next-gen. With a huge football loving fan base, Football Manager would be a great game to play on Xbox One and I’m sure that I personally would amass lots and lots of hours gameplay, as I did on the PC versions in the past.

#4 : Rollercoaster Tycoon 3


How great would it be to create theme parks on the Xbox One! If you love tycoon games then at some point you will have played a Rollercoaster Tycoon game. The game was part of my childhood and the original was probably one of the first games that I played on the PC in the 90s. Zoo Tycoon has already been done, so why not this gem of a game?!

#3 : Microsoft Flight Simulator


What’s more interesting than planning a flight from Manchester to Las Vegas and flying there in real time? Yes this game could get boring at times but if you want the real feeling of what it’s like to be a pilot then this game is for you. MS Flight Sim would be easy to play on the Xbox and would make a good game to play when you haven’t got many friends online or if you just fancy a couple of hours to yourself.

#2 : Swat 4


This game was quite simply brilliant! It had everything you could ask for from a first person shooter. Being in control of your team of highly trained swat officers, you could choose to either take down a suspect without using force or you could go in all guns blazing. The graphics in this game were in my opinion way ahead of its time. Simply put, Swat 4 would make a great game for Xbox One!

#1 : Gmod – Prop Hunt


It’s hard to believe that Gmod started life as a modded physics game based on Half Life. It has grown so much over the years that it has become one of the most popular games that Steam has to offer. Prop Hunt is a game made within Gmod where 2 teams of players have to take turns in finding and killing each other as random objects from various different maps. If this game appeared on the Xbox Live Store at any point in the future then I would happily spend my last amount of money in snapping it up!

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Lee Burnham

Father of two boys, always up for a laugh and always willing to help people out. I have 3 main loves in my life... Family, gaming and football! Gt - leeburn

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