Mortal Kombat X Establishes Itself in Esports

A four hour event; 200,000 hours watched; a peak concurrent viewership of 85,449; over 2.2 million social media mentions. It’s safe to say that the Fatal 8 invitational, the first event in the Mortal Kombat X Worldwide Competitive Program, has been a resounding success.

ESL kicked it off with Xbox doing the presenting duties at ESL Burbank studios, which were at full capacity as the fighting game community came together to find Mortal Kombat X’s first champion. Official viewing parties in London and Paris also proved popular, as #Fatal8 trended on Twitter in the United States.

Joshua Gray, Creative Producer at ESL and Fatal 8 host was certainly content. ‘The fighting game community is one that we were eager to welcome into the ESL ecosystem. But we knew we had to do it right. A lot of time went into perfecting the event’s build up – from the personalized invitations to the trailers that really did tease. We put ourselves under a lot of pressure, having built up so many expectations. All of us here at ESL are extremely happy with how the event went, and with the reaction from the community.

The Mortal Kombat Worldwide Competitive Program continues on 3rd May with the ESL Pr League for Xbox One, which hosts weekly $1,000 (£660) tournaments in North America and Europe. There are mid-season showdowns that will award $2,500 (£1650) in prize money to the best performing teams, with winning players securing a place in the season finals which takes place on 11th July at Burbank, and will pay out at least $50,000 (£3,300). For more information, check out the tournament’s official website.

Think you’ve got what it takes to compete? Or perhaps you’d like to get a little more practice first; either way, Xbox One UK can help out with our guide on Fatalities. Plus, there’s our review of Mortal Kombat X for those of you now wondering if a career in esports is your calling in life. Finally, make sure you know how to unlock MK X’s secret fight!

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