Dragon Age: Inquisition – Free DLC

Two new pieces of downloadable content that are coming for free

It has been revealed that Dragon Age: Inquisition is getting new single player and multi player DLC and it isn’t going to cost a penny for either.

Your first is ‘The Black Emporium’ which is a ultimate shopping experience and the number one destination, you’ll be able to purchase new weapons, accessories, crafting materials, and rare items from ‘Xenon the Antiquarian’. If that’s not enough then you will also receive the ‘Mirror Of Transformation’, here you can change your facial features of the in game character.


The DLC also offers up two new thrones for Skyhold but they can only be unlocked by those who played Dragon Age: Origins or Dragon Age II.

Your next free DLC is titled ‘Dragonslayer’, this is for the multi player option. You now have the ability to craft an item called the ‘Dragon’s Call’, which allows you to face off against various dragons. If your still hoping for a little something extra then you’re in luck, a new Ferelden castle is included and contains three new agents:

  • Isabela
  • Skywatcher
  • Zither: The Virtuoso



This free DLC will be available on Tuesday the 5th of May, until then you can always check out our previous news for Dragon Age: Inquisition:

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