Witcher 3 map size is huge compared to GTA 5, Skyrim & FarCry4

It was always foretold by CD Projekt that Witcher 3 was going to be an incredible eye opener for the scale of the world you will be exploring, and they haven’t failed to deliver in the slightest. So far we have found out that the Witcher 3 map is currently 136km2 which only includes 3 (Novegrad, No Man’s Land and Skellige Island) out of the possible 4-6 regions the game will consist off.

The other sizes are currently unknown, so that explains even more how big this game is going to be, lots of free roaming for all avid gamers out there.

So down to the facts, this means that Witcher 3 is at least 3.7 times bigger than GTA: San Andreas (36km2), 1.5 times bigger than GTA 5 (81km2), 3 time bigger than FArCry4 (46km2), 3.3 times bigger than Red Dead Redemption (41km2) and 3.5 times bigger than Skyrim (39km2). So basically Witcher 3 is absolutely huge!!

Check in with XboxOneUK again soon to find out all the latest news as it arrives to us.



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