”Halo tournament cancelled due to game still being broke”

Halo Comp gets cancelled due to matchmaking problems.

Halo is still in my eyes one of the greatest games but sadly 6 months on The Master Chief Collection is is buggy and causing a problems i have been reading today that the official Halo e Sports league, Halo Championship Series, had to cancel the first online cup of the regular season over the weekend due to connectivity issues seriously this must be frustrating for them. Lets hope they get all these issues fixed asap as this game is getting forgotten very quickly and lets be honest its a game that truly really needs to be played.

A tweet last night from 343 said they are working on the problems ” issued from the official Halo working on join ability issues” lets hope they get it fixed soon.

I found myself online waiting Matchmaking has serious issues finding teams and balancing them, you can sometimes be stuck looking for a team for upwards of an hour and then get a game where its 6v4 or 5v3 or something crazy like that going forward lets hope they get this epic game sorted soon and for the fans.

@Halo ”We’re aware of and investigating party joinability issues. As a result, we’ll be canceling HCS Cup #1, and apologize for the inconvenience”

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