No Multiplayer Planned for Goat Simulator

This time last week the Xbox One gaming community was giddy with the eagerly anticipated arrival of Goat Simulator – a joint creation from Coffee Stain Studios and Double Eleven. A serious game it is not, but even the most serious gamers need to lighten up every now and again, and Goat Simulator has proved the perfect escape.

As our very own Goat Simulator review confirmed the game itself has a number of flaws, but that hasn’t prevented it from capturing the imagination of gamers across the world who have been plucking it from the Xbox One store since it’s release. Just one week old, and already I struggle to find people on my friends list who haven’t already got it. Our Facebook Group has been goating crazy!

It’s reception has been so good that from day one, players have been speculating over the possibility of multiplayer modes being introduced in future. I was one of them! This game was clearly made to be enjoyed with friends, wasn’t it? Well as of today I can confirm that the answer is… no.

In an email I received this morning from Coffee Stain Studios, they said:

There aren’t any plans on adding online multiplayer to Goat Simulator. There’s no way we could add multiplayer with the current physics we have in the game due to synchronization issues.
Coffee Stain Studios

However it was confirmed that multiplayer modes may be included IF a sequel is ever developed:

If we’d ever add multiplayer we’d have to remake the entire code from scratch, so maybe it’ll be something we’ll add if we ever make a sequel.
Coffee Stain Studios

I for one am devastated! I was really hoping to be able to lick my Xbox One UK colleague’s goats, and to cause absolute mayhem alongside my goat friends! But nevermind, we can’t have everything can we. Here’s hoping for a Goat Simulator 2.

For more Goat Simulator videos drop by our Xbox One UK YouTube channel.

Stuart (GAMINGDADUK) Wright

Stuart is a 32 year old married father of four (soon to be five). He has a history of creating popular niche websites, many gaming related, and is now Website Manager here at Xbox One UK.

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