Mortal Kombat X Review

Mortal Kombat X Review 

Mortal Kombat will turn 23 years old later this year, but from the look of its latest iteration, the fighting game franchise still carries the raging insecurities of a teenager. With every sequel, the game’s designers once employed at Midway  have stepped up the series’ technology, plot, and demeanor, desperate to be taken seriously. That’s never been more apparent than in Mortal Kombat X.

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Perhaps that’s due to the incredibly violent chip this game carries on its shoulder one in the shape of a spine ripped out of a masked ninja’s back. As such, the gore and dismemberment aren’t going anywhere, but as the tenth official game makes clear, neither is the game’s insistence that we’d better appreciate the bloody gravitas of its fisticuffs. Mortal Kombat X pronounced “X,” not “TEN“–features a reasonably large roster of characters that is effectively made larger by each one sporting three different fighting styles on top of that, there are several DLC characters which you’ll be able to try out without buying them.

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This new game is, of course, fundamentally the same as always, at the end of the day you’re still just punching your opponent until their health bar runs out this still hasn’t lost its touch. The action still only takes place along a 2D plane and many of the moves and characters are exactly the same as they were more than two decades ago but the excitement of the game itself makes a twist into a dramatic story which unfolds before you with a few punch ups here and a few punch ups over there, i also love the fact that you get to push buttons when prompted in the game cinematic its such a clever way of making you part of the story.

The game is set some 25 years after the last one, and so many of the primary characters are actually offspring of the old school favorites. They, and many others, all get a chapter each and so you get to see fighting and having comic book style melodrama. There’s also some nicely choreographed fight scenes,you don’t have to win them but they give you unlocks if you do i have found out thou you can only skip about 3/4 fights throughout the game as this would mean you could steam through the story and get the achievements very quickly

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Even if you don’t care about the made or fans story, it’s hard not to appreciate the new fighting engine, which is the smoothest the series has ever seen. It’s not a sea change from the last game, but you quickly appreciate that combos are more fluid and that animations are more nuanced but i do love the backdrops from all the stages and especially love the fact that things and people move in the background.

The meter you charge by taking hits and doling out special moves returns from the last game, allowing you to power-up special attacks, break enemy combos, and perform an x-ray attack, which reveals the insides of one opponent while the attacker breaks them into pieces in slow motion, accompanied by excruciating moans of pain.

The introduction of a stamina bar limits your ability to spam dashing maneuvers, which makes it more difficult for you to rely on spacing alone to win a fight. Likewise, the interactive elements in each stage, which allow you to pummel your opponent with a background item, or escape a corner by leaping off of a large object, can only be used if you have enough stamina. This particular meter recharges on its own, but it takes long enough relative to the pace of a heated battle to make it an important consideration during high-level matches. still loving the fact that you can pick up a flaming lamp and smash the living out of your other player and the video’s inbetween are epic to say the least.

The online matches are where modern fighting games thrive in the long run only play this if you really know what your doing because if you think fifa online is hard wait till you play a mortal kombat addict/ diehard fan you might as well quit while you have the chance. chances are the best players in the world don’t live on the same street,  online matches is the true test of one’s skill outside of tournaments. The net code that drives Mortal Kombat X’s online matches is fine, meaning that it will sometimes offer an experience that feels proper, but that you should expect laggy matches from time to time. When you get into a fight with a poor connection, you may as well exit and search for a new opponent, because it will be difficult to pull off simple combos and special moves. At that point, its a competition between man and machine. Thankfully, this is a rare occurrence.

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The towers are back also providing an arcade mode-like challenge, as well as a series of other themed battles that offer a wide variety of combat conditions. The Test Your Luck in the tower it puts you in a series of fights with randomly selected modifiers, which mix up everything from terrain to physics to keep you on your toes and alter the way you approach a fight such a nice little change to the normal gameplay.

Lifelong MK lovers and haters alike will find their major feelings about the series reinforced namely, that the controls still feel “wrong,” with characters jumping, landing, and pulling off maneuvers with weird little bits of lag and stilted animations to return to a button ready state. It’s a weird sensation to explain, but basically, jump-kicks, punches, and combos land a little more often than i would expect but all in all its still a well polished game.

Finding that the game somehow feels a little bit faster than many of its modern fighting games where the blood is getting spilled more quickly, and as non professional fighting game fan, i do actually like the sensation of it. i also like the special interactions that can be done in every arena, which offer both special attacks and super fast escapes from the levels’ corners. Special moves are really, really easy to pull off as well, and we noticed a slider in the options menu that fudges dpad presses enough to assist in making special moves trigger.

The only one thing i would recommend on my final thought of the game i think that making a purchase of a new pad would be a great move especially if you get the mortal kombat pad itself this will enhance your game plat 10 fold.

All in all Mortal Kombat X is such a great game i have really enjoyed the story of the game and i am gonna be bashing buttons for a good while yet but for the price of £49.99 i believe this is money well spent ,the shelf live of this game is massive and with all the extra’s  including tower mode and online plus DLC coming later on this is a truly enjoyable game and a wicked experience.

  • 9/10
    Graphics - 9/10
  • 9/10
    Sound - 9/10
  • 9/10
    Gameplay - 9/10
  • 9/10
    Value - 9/10
  • 9/10
    Longivity - 9/10


i am not a hardcore fan of MKX but i have to say its a rather good game i would strongly advice that if your really into these sorts of games i would get yourself the MKX controller this would really enhance your gameplay.

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