Destiny: House of Wolves will finally let you exchange materials

Destiny: House of Wolves will finally let you exchange materials

Destiny‘s upcoming expansion, House of Wolves, will at long last allow Guardians to exchange materials, improving the game’s economy in a way that players have asked for since launch.

In a Twitch livestream today, the first one for House of Wolves, developer Bungie provided details on the gear upgrade paths available in the expansion, as well as the Queen’s Bay, a new social hub in the Reef. But the presence of the Queen’s Bay doesn’t mean you’ll never have a reason to visit the Tower anymore.

Destiny Wolves FI

The Speaker, who is located in the Tower North, will offer material exchanges in House of Wolves. Each exchange is a one-for-one deal, so you can hand in a Radiant Shard to get one Radiant Energy, with the Speaker charging a fee of 50 Glimmer for the trade. (This applies for Ascendant materials, too, and works the other way — energy for shards.)

If you’ve got more shards than you know what to do with, you’ll be happy to hear that you’ll also be able to trade them for other items. The Speaker will hand you a bundle of 250 Glimmer for one Ascendant or Radiant Shard, and will give you a Mote of Light for two shards.

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