XBox One Games for Kids and Family

Xbox One Games for Kids and Family

What games will we be getting for the XBox One that are suitable for kids and family? Lots of the headline titles are not suitable for children, but some child-friendly titles have been announced. I’ve rounded up a few of the games that are likely to be suitable for younger players and families.

Note that the ESRB ratings are still pending for most of these titles so I’ve had to go on what I expect from these titles at this point based on announced game content and previous titles in a series.

i have been looking at a few games and i have picked the top 5 games that are suitable for kids that steer them away from the adult content.

#5 : Zoo Tycoon

Boxshot Wizard file used for creating global boxshots

A Zoo building game for the XBox One. Previous games in the franchise have had a rating of Everyone (or Everyone 10+ for some) so this title is to be child-friendly.

This is a kids title where the updated graphics for the Xbox One should really make a difference. Zoo Tycoon is a business simulation game the games focus around building up and running successful zoos so this is great for the younger child and will bring out the inner creative side.

#4 : Kinect Sport Rivals 


This is the sports game title to show off the features of the new XBox One updated Kinect sensor. In-game versions of players get to try out sports including climbing, soccer and bowling.

This is a good family-friendly game that gets everyone competing, and also gets parents and kids up off the sofa. Great when you have visitors and want something fun for everyone to join in with.

#3 : Just Dance Spotlight 


Such a brilliant game for when you have family and friends around tap you feet raise your arms its a dance off ready to happen and is also a good one for when kids, especially girls, have friends round to visit, or to tire them out before a sleepover.

#2 : Fantasia


Fantasia is a new dance title which is more free form than the choreography titles we’re used to.

You’ll still have cues to meet and need to move in time for the music but the game claims to be more creative and less prescriptive that previous dance titles. It reminds me of modern dance interpretations of music.

#1 : Minecraft


Minecraft is a world-building game that’s very popular with younger ages particularly. The Xbox 360 version is already out and has a 10+ rating. I believe this is one of the best games out at the moment purely because of the creative side of thing you can make whatever you want and however you want such a brilliant concept because of this factor this game has to be at the number one spot for best game for the younger generation and is ideal for families.

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