Top 10 Hidden Secrets on Xbox One

Top 10 Hidden Secrets on Xbox One.

Microsoft’s Xbox One is an all-in-one entertainment power house. The console has everything from apps and services designed to extend Microsoft-owned services like Skype to games that seriously push the boundaries of what creators can make for gaming enthusiasts to enjoy.

Unfortunately, the user interface and software designed to empower the Xbox One can be a bit confusing for living room console newcomers and upgraders so i have put together my top 10 hidden secrets on the Xbox One.

#10 : The Menu button 


Simply put, the Xbox One’s interface is sometimes strikingly utilitarian. As such, there are options and features that one might never find if it wasn’t for the Xbox One controller’s Menu button. It isn’t a hidden feature in itself, but nearly every single option that isn’t on screen is accessible with the Menu button. If you can’t find an option, hit the Menu button on the center-right of your controller, chances are that’s where it is.

#9 : How to See Who’s Online Now


Want to see which one of your Xbox Live friends are online now? Go the Friends app and select Friends from the menu. Then select Change view to sort all of your friends by whose actually using their Xbox console at the moment.


#8 : Adjust TV Volume Without Your Voice

Being able to adjust a paired television’s volume is handy, especially for gamers who like to play late at night but don’t want to accidentally wake anyone up – or at last it would be if the Xbox One allowed users to change their televisions volume using the controller itself. Sadly, Microsoft hasn’t added that feature just yet, but those with Xbox One’s SmartGlass app installed on their phones, tablets and laptops can adjust the console’s volume. Simply open the Xbox One SmartGlass app and tap on the remote icon. Then tap or click on the plus or minus signs to raise or lower the volume.

#7 : SkyDrive Camera roll integration


A lot of the Xbox One’s functionality is backed by other Microsoft-made products. Often, that means that these products combine for some pretty interesting scenarios across products. Take SkyDrive, users with the SkyDrive app installed on their iPhone or Windows Phone can take a photo with their phone and almost instantly view it on their Xbox One and is nice to look at times you wasn’t on your xbox.

#6 See What Kinect Sees


Having trouble with the Xbox One’s Kinect 2 sensor? If you worried that something might be block the sensor’s view of you on your couch or other things in the room check out the See What Kinect Sees option in the Settings app. It also includes a heat map of the things that appear closer to it and farther away. It’ll even attempt to identify anyone in the room by their Gamertag.

 #5 Get A List of People You’ve Blocked


Ok we all have people over the years that we have blocked,There’s an easy way to get a list of all the Xbox Live members who you’ve had to block over the years. With the Xbox One controller head to the Friends app. Then press Menu button on the center-right of your controller and select “People I’ve blocked” from the drop-down menu and ohh memory’s.

#4 Blu-Ray Player Functionality


The Xbox One’s disc drive also does double duty as a Blu-ray player so that users who an extensive movie collection can ditch dedicated players for the Xbox One too. Unfortunately, Microsoft doesn’t include the app to unlock that functionality out of the box.

To watch Blu-ray movies on your Xbox One, go the Store and Search for the Blu-ray player app.

#3 : Favorite Friends to Cut Down on Clutter


The now upgraded Xbox Live finally ditches all the shackles that kept its Xbox 360 brethren from being great for overly social gamers. Its Xbox 360 incarnation forced people to keep their friends list down to just 100 people. The Xbox One’s version of Xbox Live allows user to follow however many people they want and have up to 1000 friends. The trouble with this is that it also puts users in a situation when they can’t actually easily keep track of  their closest friends. To remedy that problem Microsoft has added the ability for Xbox One users to favorite their friends and put their profiles front and center. To friend someone head to the Friends app and select the Xbox Live user you would like to friend. Then select Add to Favorites from the menu.

#2 Xbox Record That


Xbox One users don’t have to rely on achievements to showcase their talents. The console can record small video clips of game footage and upload them to Microsoft’s SkyDrive service for sharing. To record your own video game footage simply say “Xbox, record that.” You can then open the Upload Studio and Game DVR apps to edit and manage that footage plus you can pull your footage of sites such as

#1 Using A Code


 To use a QR code or pre-paid numerical code like those on pre-paid Xbox Live cards say “Xbox, use a code

Have QR code that gives you a free game, downloadable content or free Xbox Live? Instead of heading to simply hold the card up to your Xbox One and say “Xbox Use a Code.” The Xbox One will automatically look at the code and translate it into numbers and letters that it understands. It’s incredibly useful for disc-based games that come with extra in-game content.

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