Battlefield Hardline – Battlefest Mechanic Class

Now it’s the Mechanic’s turn

As part of the Battlefest celebrations each of the four Battlefield Hardline classes will be brought into the limelight, handing out gameplay tips and in-game challenges. Second up is: Mechanic class.


Mechanic Community Mission

They have prepped a class-specific Community Mission for all Mechanic fans out there. They want you to collectively repair 25 million vehicles before April 20. So equip your Repair Tool, get into the vehicular action, and fix up your team’s rides. Nail this, and you’ll get a Gold Battlepack and a Mechanic-themed wallpaper.

The Community Mission is active between April 14, 4PM GMT and April 20, 9AM GMT. You can track the mission progress on the “Multiplayer/Missions” tab on Battlelog.

How to Play as Mechanic – Tips and Tricks

Fix Your Rides: To be a team hero (and to help out in the Community Mission) you should know how to use the Repair Tool gadget. Just walk up to damaged vehicles (or ride with them) and aim the tool at the ride. And yes, this sizzling toy can also be used offensively. Try it out on everything that moves.

SMG Supremacy: Submachine Guns is the primary weapon type for the Mechanic, and should be used in close quarters. Try to stay close to the action when you’re playing Mechanic to maximize the SMGs properties. Getting burned by too much heat? Jump into your Armored Insert gear before deploying.

Phone It In: Spawning into strategic parts of the map is key to success in Battlefield Hardline multiplayer. Use the Mechanic’s Satellite Phone to provide new spawn locations for your team.

Sabotage: This is a fun one. Set the sneaky, explosive Sabotage gadget to vehicles, objectives and interaction points. Enemy tries to interact with these points, explosion occurs, you grin and earn Cash.

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