Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Review

Final Fantasy Type 0 HD Review

Final Fantasy Type-0 is an action packed role playing game set in the mysterious world, where powerful sentient crystals rule over humanity and erase the painful memories of those who have passed. It’s a fascinating setting that drew me in to this game with a gripping war story, raising questions about mortality and memory.

Class Zero, a group of fourteen elite army cadets who are tasked with turning the tide of battle against the invading Militesi Empire along with high stakes combat missions, these young students face many dark mysteries, although it starts out slowly but it makes the story worth playing it really has such a great story line.


Fitting with its military theme, Type-0 is a highly structured experience the action is split between combat missions and free time between classes during which our teenage heroes can gear up and prepare for the next mission and also you have the option to go wandering around the vast lands with a few of your pals .

Combat missions are brief and linear but nicely varied, with goals ranging from freeing towns by sabotaging enemy factories. Free time offers a lot of gameplay choices but is limited by a time management system.

It’s a different kind of overall experience than we usually see from Final Fantasy, but it only helps to reinforce the military theme of the game which i really enjoyed.


Your party is composed of three cadets at a time, one under your direct control and two AI partners who largely support your actions you can swap between the three any time by the use of your D-Pad and anybody who falls can be replaced by a character in reserve this is great when doing a mission as different characters have different skills which will help defeat the final boss.

Later on, you’ll get the ability to  sacrifice a comrade in order to summon and control a giant this is so handy by calling out a powerful beast like the firey Ifrit or frosty Shiva this is absolutely epic and was so much fun stomping around and throwing flaming boulders at everything that moves. ”yeah this really is good fun” don’t worry, they aren’t gone for good but wont be able to use them again only just the rest of the mission and it’s usually worth it for the chance to stomp around and wreck things.


Unlike most previous Final Fantasy games, Type-0’s combat is fully real-time and it uses a simple combo system supported by special attacks and a great deal of dodging.

Fights are quite fast-paced and a bit overwhelming at first especially with a rather twitchy camera to contend with, but with some practice you will get used to this and will come second nature ” twitchy is rather a understatement but you will get used to it after a few hours” there’s a great rush in slipping around the enemy dodging its attacks, and using good timing to kill it in one shot or using your area of attacks.

Ohh and also each cadet has a unique weapon and combat style, and it’s fun to try to master them all but my favorite has to be Seven with the miss whiplash personality and the girls on the game are not ugly by far the designers really have a good eye for beauty. ”*Wink Wink”check out cinque you will understand what I mean.

Type-0 doesn’t shy away from presenting a challenge most of the time you will have to level up your characters so you’ll need to be ready and willing to repeat some of the missions if you’re not good or strong enough to beat them the first time through i found this a bit frustrating but it makes the game last, also with enough patience and practice it will feel quite satisfying to overcome these obstacles  especially when they’re a massive robot that wants to twist its claws into you ,but if you do a lack skill or maybe your level you can always come back when your high enough to do some serious damage. 



Square-Enix hasn’t quite nailed everything  I feel a  few important aspects of action combat need changing particularly when it comes to activating spells and special activities to heal yourself or use a powerful ability you’ll have to stop moving and wait for the interface to show that the ability is available ”Frustrating” then stand and hold down the button until your action charges up, this does not help that you are static the need to stay as mobile is key in this game as staying in one position to long opens you up for attacks from the AI’s it’s so frustrating, especially during a crisis or on the rare occasion that your party members bug out and stand around scratching there arse’s instead of fighting or healing but the core combat experience is good enough that it’s worth putting up with these issues.

During the free time between missions your heroes have a chance to train up, equip themselves, do side quests, and get to know each other this will make the time fly by and will bring down the days and  hours between your next mission every major action takes time, so it’s up to you to decide what’s most important to get done before the next mission starts.

Rather than feeling restrictive, this time management system enhances the feeling that you’re making important choices. You can grind up your party if you need levels, or even advance time directly to the next mission day, there’s a nice variety of things to do, and your opportunities gradually expand as you take back more of your homeland, making for a good vibe between story and gameplay. 

The out of combat interface is one of the worst I’ve seen, with various outdated and inconvenient features why don’t side quest descriptions remind me where to turn in the quest when I’m done? why do I have to go to two separate menu screens to put together my three person party why, oh why, doesn’t the shop interface tell me if a weapon is an upgrade or downgrade all they needed was a little up or down arrow on them this would make life so much easier and maybe a bit more help and information this could of been a bit better but hay its still an amazing game.

While those interface problems made me loose my patience some of the time i have to say the overall game itself was truly Fantastic i loved the fact that I could battle against giant robots and kick the living life out of slimy mobs this game really was worth while experience and I recommend any final fantasy fan to dig into there pocket and get this game the creeping through a foggy sewer to sabotage the enemy equipment, or taking out a giant cigar chomping commander with a well timed whip crack is what I will remember most.

  • 9.5/10
    GamePlay - 9.5/10
  • 8.5/10
    Graphics - 8.5/10
  • 9/10
    Sound - 9/10
  • 9.5/10
    Longevity - 9.5/10
  • 8.5/10
    Value - 8.5/10


As final fantasy type-0 for me this is a epic and well presented game and i feel that you should get this game and add it to your valuable selection so digg deep raid your bothers or sisters piggy bank its certainly is worth every penny.

Colin Cashin

i am 37 years young with one wife one daughter and one Xbox one console living the dream.

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