Evolve – Behemoth and New Hunters

Evolve is receiving its first major DLC release on March 31st 2015.

Evolve’s fourth playable monster, the Behemoth. This terrifying beast is a slow, lumbering tank capable of withstanding a huge amount of punishment, but when it transforms into a massive boulder it becomes one of the quickest (and most terrifying) methods for navigating Evolve’s environments.

Add in the Behemoth’s ability to throw lava bombs, create rock walls to cut off hunters from their team and the ability to snare enemies with a harpoon-like tongue, and this new monster is set to become a formidable foe. Players who pre-ordered Evolve will receive the Behemoth for free. Otherwise you’ll have to spend to unlock the new creature by purchasing the Monster Expansion Pack. However, even players who don’t purchase the DLC will be able to play with and against those who do, so chances are you’ll encounter this new creature sooner rather than later.


Come March 31 you will also be able to snag a new batch of hunters to bring the Behemoth down with. All are included in the Hunting Season Pass or available separately. A new character for each class has been added –

Torvald a cyborg assault character with a shrapnel grenade, mortar cannon and automatic shotgun that fires its entire clip in one round, monsters should not stand too close to him!


Crow a trapper with a pet Batray called ‘Gobi’ to help track down the monster, Gobi has a range of 200 meters in any direction and once the monster has been found Crow can slow the monster down with his stasis cannon.


Sunny a support character with a mini nuke grenade launcher and jet pack, which she can attach to one hunter and use to zip them toward or away from the monster, depending on the situation. She can also set up a shield drone that will protect one area.


Finally Slim, a genetically modified medic with a drone to help with healing team members in the heat of battle. He also has a Leach Gun that both drains strength from the monster and powers up his AOE heal burst ability. He can make the monster’s life much more difficult with his spore cloud, which negates the monster’s ability to smell within a 40-meter radius, as well as preventing the creature from seeing the hunters’ health bars.


You can check out a gameplay video for all the new content below –

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