Destiny- Your Vault Space Increases!

This Week Bungie announced our Vault space will be increasing to prepare us for the arrival of House Of Wolves update.
Quoted by Bungie “In a matter of weeks, the teasing will end and the downloading will begin” ive got to admit my ear pricked up at the sound of that!

Vault space or the lack of has been 1 of the biggest topics since the first guardians sprouted to life, I for 1 have been out of space since I passed level 30 and started to acquire Legendary and Exotic items for my 2 characters. So Guardians lets get to it!

Current Vault space dimensions are 20 Armour pieces, 20 Weapons and 20 General Materials slot (shaders,emblems,ships,vehicles etc) so you can see the dilemma if your a collector or a proud owner of 2 or 3 characters 60 spaces total is just not enough for all precious legendary and Exotic goods!!


Update 1.1.2 will push the boundaries and let you store 24 Armour pieces, 36 Weapons and 24 General items. if your more of a visual leaner don’t worry we’ve got you covered! Here’s a look at how your loot box has finally become more of a vault.


You’ll be surprised to learn that not all of us have such a vast array of riches. John Hopson is the User Research Lead at Bungie who can peer into everyone’s Vault. According to his analysis, the majority of us hard working Guardians still have spare space.

This upgrade to your Vault might seem like a small change and very simple. Bungie love to make development of games look easy however increasing our shelf space isn’t as easy as we may think, Lead UI engineer Brad Fish says: Like a time traveller whose actions in the past inadvertently alter the course of history in unexpected ways, each modification to Destiny has the potential to introduce a variety of side effects. Planning and meticulous verification are key to ensuring the continued stability of the game.

This is great news for all Destiny players just ahead of the House Of Wolves DLC!!

I’ll look forward to seeing you Guardians on the battlefields soon.

Mike "Nanaki VIII" Riley

Hey I'm Mike Riley, I've been gaming for 20+ years and I'm still loving it!!

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