The Crew – 2 Hour Free Trial And New Updates

New players can enjoy a two hour free trial and New vintage car pack and Blitz Brawl PvP mode added

Ubisoft have made an announcement that a free trial for their popular MMO driving game The Crew will be available from the 25th of March, new players can burn up the tarmac for two hours and keep all the progress if they decide to purchase the game.


Current players are in for a few treats too as the Vintage Car Pack, Vintage Live Update and a new PvP mode will be available in the next store update. The Vintage car pack includes the sleek and classic Chevrolet Corvette C2, the iconic powerhouse Chevrolet Corvette C3 and the all out speed machine Spyker C8 Aileron. The Vintage Car Pack is now available for The Crew Season Pass holders or can be purchased separately.


Four new speed racer themed faction missions are available for free to all players via the Vintage Live update. Prep yourself for a dirt race through the Wild West, race down to the Deep South for an all out Bayou Brawl, sit back and cruise down the historical Route 66 or go darker and become a Sin City regular by tracking and smashing a cargo shipment in The Score.


Don’t forget to enjoy the new Blitz Brawl PvP mode where the aim is to rush from zone to zone to score points either on your own or as a team. Do what you can to get the enemy cars out of the zone but keep yourself in to get the winning edge.


The Vintage Live Update also comes with new tuning specs to enrich your car collection for six of your favorite cars. Keep it retro with vintage stickers, or refine your car with a brand-new wooden interior. However you choose to drive the streets of America, there’s now plenty of options for you to make your ride really your own.


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