The Walking Dead – Season 3?!

The first two seasons of The Walking Dead have a good impact on the gaming industry, so I guess everyone has been thinking when the next one was going to hit the stores. In a recent panel, Job Stauffer – Head of PR at Telltale Games said the following :

There will be a third season of The Walking Dead at some point. We don’t know when yet, but yes, that is a thing. The Walking Dead Season 3 is not necessarily something you can expect to see super, super, super soon. But I think you can perhaps, maybe, expect to see The Walking Dead again sooner, if that makes sense. Does that make sense?

So Telltale Games are already really busy with their other works, which is great and as said before, The Walking Dead may not come around as soon as everyone wants it, but it is definitely something that is going to come to us in the future.

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