Record breaking numbers for Dying Light

The developers Techland are definitely going to be patting themselves on the back for Dying Light, the zombie horror open-world game has achieved record breaking figures, and who can blame it, the game is frankly downright awesome for zombie fans and more. It has also been described as the their most popular title.

It has seen 3.2 million players, almost 400 million zombies have been slayed, and this is only within 45 days of the release, pretty impressive huh?

The game also sold 1.2 million copies within its first week, which shows the popularity of the zombie game.

More facts on the recording breaking numbers :

• 5.3 million survivors have been saved (which could popular Ireland)
• $1.25 trillion dollars have been collected (16 times more than Bill Gates)
• 11 times the weight of the Eiffel Tower in medkits have been used (around 1.6 million medkits)


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