The Future of VR

So what is the future for VR (Virtual Reality) gaming? Well there has been a lot of developed over the past few years, and even Oculus have announced they will be releasing their first VR headset in June 2015.

A company called Infinity Amusements have been working over the past 18 months to create great gaming experiences for all, showing to potential and future of VR gaming. Over time they have realised that there is a huge talent pool in Australia, like Melbourne who could become ‘the next big thing’ for gaming worldwide.

Infinity Amusement have linked themselves with Revolver Creative which are bringing these dreams alive in Australia, making the first virtual reality exploration and development spaces. This is giving enthusiasts the chance to try out the latest technology and developers to get their hands on it. Revolver Creative is in the ideal location and their first open day is the 30th, with more to be announced at a later date.

They are aiming to become a permanent addition to the Australian community, and further the future of gaming. But what does that mean for Xbox? VR we all know is going to be the next big thing for gaming. Companies like Oculus as stated before have already got prototypes underway, that will accompany consoles. The high processing rate of the headset will completely change the way that we play, and feel about games.

Check in to Xbox One UK for more as the news arrives to us.


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