Resident Evil Revelations 2 Review

We’ve finally managed to crawl through Revelations 2 with the afflicted grabbing at our ankles, so here’s a quick review of the entire series (Episodes 1 to 4)

The story begins with Claire, joining a swanky business do, with Terrasave and her long time friend, and new colleague Moira.

Things go pear shaped and the two soon awaken donning a stylish fear reading wristband.


As the two progress in a bid to survive and track down who’s behind it all the second part cuts to Barry (Moira’s dad) who is searching for his missing daughter, after the events (of the first part) which happened six months ago.

As you progress, the constant back and forth 6 months with every episode does feel a little distracting, but you soon get into the flow.

As every section has two protagonists, you can play co-operatively at all times, and this really adds to the experience, especially if you’re playing with a friend.


You can check out our official reviews of each Episode below.

Episode 1 : Penal colony

Episode 2 : contemplation

Episode 3 : Judgment

Episode 4 : Metomorphosis

Graphically the entire game is really impressive, sure parts look a little grainy and dated, compared to some titles you’ll find on store shelves, But Resident Evil has never been about blowing your eyes out.
There’s more than enough times that it looks truly next gen, while it maintains the dark gloomy feeling of terror.

There’s a great range of areas throughout the dual campaign, as you’ll play the first part of each episode as Claire Redfield and her friend and colleague Moira.

With the second part controlling Barry (Moira’s dad) and a mysterious young girl, Natalia.


Both parties have their ups and downs, but overall the times you’re controlling Barry & Natalia are the more favourable due to a great mix of action, stealth, puzzles and storyline.

As you expect with Resident Evil much of the story is portrayed through notes you can read through as you progress in the game, however there’s a fair bit of chatter between the 4 protagonists, and thanks to some above par voice acting, it all helps to set the scene well.

Raid mode is your only other port of call, and boy, is this one worth it, retreading multiple areas throughout the campaign there’s a variety of challenges that usually follow one simple formula “Kill everything”.


It’s not as deep as equivalent modes on some AAA titles we could mention, but it’s also note as demanding, while the story requires your attention for a good hour at a time, Raid mode is true pick up and play, while still remaining interesting enough if you decide to spend all evening on it.

there’s a range of characters which unlock as your progress through the story, and 4 more that can only be unlocked after completing the story and raid mode at least once.


After completion there’s still plenty to do, with scores and times to beat on both each section of the story, as well as each level of raid mode,

and there’s also regularly refreshed levels on raid mode to keep you coming back for more.

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