What Is Our Communities Favourite Genre?

We asked, you answered!

We asked our Xbox One UK community members what their favourite gaming genre was, choices were from RPG’s, First Person Shooters, Racing, MMOs, Sports, Third Person Shooters and Other. It’s quiet clear what our community appears to favour…

RPG’s came in as favourite with 55% of the votes, First Person Shooters were second with 31% and Racing, Other and MMO’s had 7%, 5% and 2% respectively.


But Destiny is both an RPG and FPS!


While some games are so deep they cover a variety of genres, Destiny for example can be considered both an RPG and a First Person Shooter, however we’re interested to know what genre particularly people would pick first, if you picked RPG with Destiny in mind or FPS with Destiny in mind it doesn’t matter as whichever was picked first indicated the initial interest in that genre.

What our Community thinks…

No poll is complete without our communities much valued opinions, he’s just some of what they had to say via our Facebook Group

“It’s well known First Person Shooters are the most popular genre that’s why most Triple A publishers (EA and Activision) mostly only care about making games in that genre. I’m on the bringing back 3D Platformers bandwagon right now.”
MynameisBarry Davis

RPG for me.
The reason? Who knows, maybe it’s the immersion of an interesting storyline or the responsibility of caring about a character/team you’ve grown/developed/become attached to.”
Neil Aspinall

“Personally I have always sucked at FPS, so it’s between racing and RPG, I would say RPG, it was the first type of game I played and it kind of stuck with me since.”
Stuart Gray

“Sorry but FPS’s suck, COD are the worst games ever made, give me a good RPG any day of the week, games need to have a good story.”
Peter Lewis
Our community all had pretty interesting views and opinions on what makes a good genre. Paul Bartley suggested GTA V, saying it has the best of all worlds and pretty much covers everything. A very true statement, games aren’t so black and white nowadays and it’s becoming increasingly difficult to narrow any one game down to one specific genre, as mention with Destiny earlier it can be a FPS and RPG game. GTA V can be a FPS, Racing, Sport (Tennis),Third Person Shooter and even the skills that get upgraded as you play could almost be considered RPG…


There’s more genres than that!

There is plenty of different genres out there, including Puzzle, Simulation, Strategy and many more but we tried to narrow it down to just the most popular genres within our community. Nonetheless feel free to tell us what your favourite genres are and make sure you follow us on Twitter, Like our Facebook page and join our Facebook Group.

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