Resident Evil Revelations 2 Episode 1

Resident Evil was one of the first true survival horror games to really capture the attention of gamers, ranging from intense survival to edge of your seat scares,
But as the franchise has grown there’s been somewhat of an identity crisis between the old style fixed-camera movement and the newer over the shoulder view.

Resident Evil Revelations was a welcome step back to the retro camera, but Revelations brings us back to the future with a shoulder cam,

So how does it fare…


With Episodic games becoming more and more popular, It’s a brave move by Capcom,

The 2 hour, Episode one begins at a swanky company do, With Claire Redfield greeted by her Friend and new co-worker Moira Burton, Soon enough things go belly up, and the penthouse party is stormed by a group wielding weapons who abduct Claire, Moira and their colleagues.

You take control of Claire as she wakes up in an abandoned Penitentiary and soon after finding Moira, you discover you’re not alone,

This is where the Resident Evil token scares begin, a mix between small set pieces triggered by a certain point or action, and some tense survive or die situations where you’re usually cornered the your mutated zombie-like inhabitants, These Zombie’s (as we’ll call them) range from slow and relatively easy to kill, too much quicker or stronger enemies which each require pin point precision or varied tactics to overcome, this takes full advantage of the over the shoulder view, giving you far more accuracy, and I think it’s one of the best control schemes in recent Resident Evil years, as it feels considerably smoother and less rigid than RE4


You do meet a few boss like enemies, who are clearly stronger, and require a few more ounces of metal in their brain before they drop, But the most impressive of all appear in the second section covered in a shell which, when shot off reveals a weak section and a one-hit-kill.

The problem is, finding that before they get too close, These enemies alone bring fear and tension every time they you know they’re near, which is a pleasant change from the sometimes dumb runners who fill the first half of the episode,

There’s also the expected range of Puzzle’s, thanks to the Buddy system, which will regularly see you switching between the 2 characters, to find objects, or alternate routes, It’s a pleasant change from the old-fashioned running past B, to get a key from C to open a door at A. which are still present, but not to an annoying level.



After you’ve made your escape from the Prison, the game switches to Barry, Moira’s Dad, who’s over-protective nature has brought him to the hell-hole in search for his Daughter.

Barry comes across a young girl Natalia, who’s a far better ally than Moira.

All of the 4 main characters you meet have their strengths and weaknesses, and each are required at some point or another, Claire feels like the main character, but Moira is almost as necessary, and much more of a navigator using a torch and every obscenity imaginable while Claire sticks to the weapons.

Barry and Natalia is a much more refreshing duo, Barry is the tough guy with a soft heart, Time and time again he shows care for his daughter and his new friend, while Natalia is sweet, innocent, but confident.

Best of All Natalia adds a element of Stealth which isn’t usually the forefront of a Resident Evil game, she can creep past enemies, crawl through gaps, and point out nearby threats for Barry to take care of.


Graphically it’s a really mixed bag, The characters look great, although I think Claire looks a little too weathered, Whereas the Zombie’s seem a little less spectacular, and the surroundings seem a little too dull and colourless,

It’s certainly a much more impressive visual treat than Revelations 1 on 360, But not quite the quality you would hope for from such a large Franchise’s first outing (With Exception to the Resident Evil HD remake) on the Xbox One.

The same goes for the sound, The soundtrack helps to add to the scares and tension, and character voice acting is pretty good for the most part, but there’s a few cheesy lines, and Moira’s constant need to swear seems unneccessary manages to keep their head and mouth in check.


As you progress, you’ll be rewarded with Coins, which soon mount up to buy skills from an RPG style tree, These range from extra health to combat moves and storage, and will help to tackle the tougher difficulties,

You also get a reward screen showing any medals you’ve earned as well as a rating on Accuracy, Retries required and the Time it took to clear on top of your collection status for any available collectibles,

Throughout the level you’ll also find transcripts either fill in a little back story, or give you a clue on what to do, though the direction is usually clear enough through chatter between the characters.


There’s also Raid Mode, (Horde mode to me and you)

With a selection of missions which cover 5-6 different tasks, usually requiring a set number of zombies to be cleared, these range from pretty easy, to pretty tough, and are a nice distraction from the otherwise short Episode,

You choose your character, head to one of the areas from the main story, and after working through the required number of enemies, you’re rewarded with currency and skill points, The currency can be used to buy weapons, or unlock any you’ve found, while the skill points help to equip extra’s such as health.

There’s also micro-transactions for revives and weapons, but it’s certainly not pay-to-win, as I was lucky enough to find the same level 5 SVD (costs 79p) in my first game, as well as an upgraded Pistol.

Fri_Feb_27_00-29-35_UTC_2015 (1)

Overall Resident Evil Revelations is a great start, If the future episodes continue to expand on what is so far a very good story, and maybe add a little more length, with further content for the Raid mode, then it could end up a great collection,

for less than £5, Episode 1 is a must for fans of the Franchise,

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