Fresh New Screens For Shiftlings

Rock Pocket Games and Sierra’s upcoming puzzle platforming game Shiftlings has released a new batch of images to get gamers even more excited about their upcoming title currently due for a spring release.

The intergalactic reality show it about two space oddballs travelling the cosmos trying to complete complex challenges, however they must do so with just one air hose which is connected to the both of them in where they need to pass the gas back and forth between each other, using the gas to shift body weight to your advantage is key in solving puzzles in over 50 levels spread over five unique worlds.

“Shiftlings was the kind of game we immediately knew we wanted to work on after playing it, Rock Pocket’s inventive take on the puzzle platformer epitomises Sierra’s focus on finding great indie talent within the development community and giving them access to the tools and platforms they need to share their unique creations with the world.”
Bob Loya, Senior Director of External Development for Sierra

This unique adventure is created for both single-player and two-player online and local co-op multiplayer. Take a look at the latest video about all the dangers in the Shiftlings world.

For more details on Shiftlings, stay tuned to Xbox One UK

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