Evolve: Have you evolved?!

2k’s latest edition to it’s ever growing collection is a game that many survivalists will definitely want to pick up this year. Whether it’s the thrill of playing in First person and trying to avoid becoming prey or the excitement of playing the Third Person as the monsters and chasing the humans through the vast maps which are full of exploration options.


Evolve #1
“Come here you little critters”


Whatever your game tactics are, here are 6 top tips to help you succeed in Evolve.

Know your tools

If you want to succeed in Evolve, you’re definitely going to need to learn the players role. When you spawn, you are never too sure which hunter you will be playing as. If you’re a medic, then there’s no point trying to engage combat with the monster. Instead, you should focus on keeping your teams health “healthy” Learn the players role and to really reap the xp of eliminating the enemy.

Keep your friends close

If you’re happy to run around and go it alone then the chances are you’ll probably not survive too long in Evolve. It’s vital to keep close to your team members and try to stay in contact. It’s easy to get distracted by some of the nice scenic views the game has to offer but it’s important to remember this is a team effort. What’s the point of trapping a monster if you don’t have any support??

RUN FOREST…No wait..don’t

From the start of the level you’re going to want to run to escape the handicap which is 4 against 1. It’s fine to run away for the first minute or two so that you can escape the vision of the hunters. After that it’s probably best to remain stealthy and stay as quiet as you can. Wildlife such as birds can cost you your position so be careful when moving to new locations. Try to learn the map and remember quiet zones and which zones can get you caught out.

No Distractions?

While trying to remember the primary goal which is to eliminate the enemy, you may find yourself getting distracted. As the hunters you may come across bonuses which can reduce ability time, or the addition of armours and ammo clips. The monster also can hunt local wildlife which fills your evolve meter and boosts your armour.


Did anyone order a Kraken?
Did anyone order a Kraken?


Personal Achievements.

We’re not talking the “Bud dup” achievements which we all love to unlock on our gamercards, no. We are talking about a player progression system which encourages the player to use his or her skills depending on the character that you are. The Challenges are created to encourage you to get familiar with your characters skill set and to get comfortable with them before you can upgrade the hunters which are obviously better than the originals.

One at a time please

Monsters really need to be specialised as upgrade points start to thin out once you reach tier 2 & 3, the best advice is to really focus on what ability you want as spreading the points out evenly could end up leaving you vulnerable and underpowered. The same applies for the Hunters, choose what you really want to become and aim to spend your points on the important abilities to suit your gameplay style.


Finally, it’s important to remember that Evolve is primarily a multiplayer game which relies on you to effectively communicate with your team members to strategise.

Pay attention to the goals and stay close to your team and you’ll survive….well hopefullyWant to see more from Evolve? Here’s some gameplay footage to give you an idea for what type of treat you’re really getting yourself into.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EuucdkSpGhY&w=560&h=315]

Let us know what other tips you have found that work for you.

Evolve is now available on XBOX ONE.

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