Do Gamers Really Care About Achievements?

Yesterday we asked our community of gamers what their thoughts on achievements are and if their approach to the game was based on the achievements available, we got quite a response.

We break down all the answers from the comments left by our community

Does your playstyle for a game depend on the achievements that are available to unlock?


The majority of gamers adjust their playstyle with unlocking achievements in mind, however there were some gamers who purely played for the fun of the game and were not too worried about adding to their gamerscore. To some though it is a matter of course, playing a new game involves firstly checking what achievements are available to unlock and then setting the difficulty to the hardest setting (if there is an achievement that requires completing the game on hardest difficulty) and then making decisions in game based on what achievement could be possibly unlocked next.

One of our community members sums up the difference between gamers who adapt their playstyle to those or just want to enjoy the game.

“Yes in a way because people who’s play style is more grind story for achievements and collect everything means those people are unlocking more achievements where as more casual players collect as they go along and play for fun don’t get as many, although they tend to enjoy the game more”
Connor Jamison

Do you try to get 1000g on all games that you play?


For some gamers there is nothing more satisfying than getting that final achievement pop up and then realise you’ve reached 1000g and 100% for that game, some like to enjoy the game first and then play through it again achievement hunting and some other gamers simply have no care in the world for what achievements are in the game.

For some though a change of console has started a love of achievements…

“I never really bothered with achievements on the 360 but since having the One for some reason I have taken more notice and love it when that achievement notification pops up .”
Wes Underdown

Some gamers love single player achievements but are not a fan of multiplayer achievements, single player ones are easier to obtain than multiplayer in some games (such as kill 10 players in a row online).

DLC Achievements, nuisance or great?


We asked if gamers enjoy the additional achievements that are added through DLC so they feel they have more replay value or is it more of a nuisance having to hunt down extra achievements just when you thought you were done and dusted with the game

DLC is an interesting one because some gamers refuse to buy the DLC if there is no achievements with it whereas some others are more interested if there is no achievements as they feel they can enjoy the game add-ons without having to worry about their 100% record.

Although some will only buy the DLC if it is worthwhile, regardless of how obtainable they are or if it affects a 100% record.

“All I care about is DLC that is worthwhile buying”
Leigh Roche

So, that next DLC for your favourite game becomes a critical decision…

Do you actually care about your gamerscore?

Is it just a number to you that sits on your gamertag profile or is it something much more to you?

We asked the community how important their gamerscore is to them and for some it is a matter of pride and to others it means nothing to them and is of no use. Some users feel it is great to compete against friends and compare achievements and gamerscores against each other and that is shows off the effort and hard work that you’ve put into your Xbox games over the years.

How do you compare against all of your Xbox friends?

“I’m all about achievements… and I love bragging about my gamerscore”
Travis Jackson

What is your gamerscore?

As mentioned to some this is a matter of pride, we got a few gamers who were happy to share their current gamerscore. With all of the entries we have an average score of 155466g. Xbox Live member Sumitshift FK boasts and impressive 357041g

Any other comments?

“Gamerscore achievements is everything but I do play for fun when with friends. Now I also play for some nice artwork and even try hard for 0g timed challenges”
Sam Haydon

There we have it, that is Xbox One UK’s communities voice on achievements. If you have any other comments please leave them below, we’d love to hear your thoughts.


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