Just Cause 3 : 400 square mile world!

Having a large open world scenario can either be amazing or quite disappointing for some gamers, if there is not an intriguing, fun filled environment for you to play in, then size is just simply size.

In an interview with Red Bull, Game Director of Just Cause 3 Ronald Lesterlin said “We focused on a [game world] map of 400 square mile. We wanted to have one of the largest maps we’ve ever done to really increase the verticality. With the way games are designed these days sheer scale is no longer as needed I guess, but we didn’t want to bring it down in size, as having a big world makes toys all the more fun. We wanted to keep it the same size, but this time keep it more on density.”


Avalanche studios and Ronald Lesterlin have ensured us though that Just Cause 3 is going to be action packed, loaded with new toys to play with, countless amount of ways to do missions and have a 400 square mile world to play in! The developers wanted to go even bigger this time, allowing the player more freedom in the game.

Also fans are wanting to know is there more to Rico, the main character of the series, as his past hasn’t really been delved into. Avalanche were happy to announce their development with said character, allowing players to get to know him a lot more, and feel more connected whilst playing as him.

Just Cause is scheduled for the holiday season of 2015, to Xbox One, PS4 & PC

Check out the link to see some HQ screen shots of the upcoming game

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