The Division – More rumours appear.

 Character Renders, Voices and No Solo Missions, just some of the rumours that have come out.

The last couple days have seen some rumours about The Division  spread, including platform resolution and a screen for the pre alpha build which you can see below. The original image was tweeted out by a pre alpha tester but since has been taken down most probable due to an NDA violation. 90c8a860751b252e58c26f97e05856c4_XL

Another rumour was tweeted out last week that The Division will play at a higher resolution, 1080P, on PS4 as opposed to 900P on Xbox One.


DLC will be coming to the Xbox One first which has been confirmed. But this week I also have come across other rumours about the overall progress of The Division. Even with the alpha supposedly occurring soon, it’s come to my attention that the character models in game are only slightly modified versions of Aiden Pierce from Watchdogs. Also, currently the characters’ voices are only Microsoft Sam at the moment and all AI characters are presently male with no current female AI characters. There will also be animals throughout the game that you will be able to attack as well as be attacked by. One piece of information I have heard is that there are currently no solo missions with them all being co-op based. Solo missions can of course be added in, but with none currently in development it doesn’t seem likely. This means that unless you have a squad going in, you won’t be able partake in the festivities.Tom-Clancy’s-The-Division-image

It is also being reported that two former Ubisoft employees that have worked on The Division have cited the Alpha is being “sometime this spring”. Now, with an Alpha in the works, the beta is being delayed from March as previously reported. With development far enough along to begin the alpha and beta shortly thereafter, it’s disturbing to find rumours like this emerging. If it’s true that voices are indeed Microsoft Sam, which is the stock voice to text software, and no actors have been cast yet, there is still plenty of work to be done in development. With The Division already being delayed once and recent Ubisoft titles suffering the same fate, I hope The Division releases without the bugs that hit the French Publisher’s flagship title Assassins Creed Unity that released in the Christmas rush, and was quickly overshadowed by a massive selection of high quality games with few issues, including ubisoft’s own Far cry 4.

Only time will show us what is fact or fiction, and all we can do, is prey it comes out as we expect. Just to keep the interest up, here’s The Division’s trailer….



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