Dying Light – Live action film

What would it look like to escape zombies in real life?

Yesterday Dying Light developers Techland and Flying Carpet Studios posted a short live action film titled “The Last Supply Drop” to YouTube.

It was filmed in Warsaw, Poland and follows 4 survivors as they have one last attempt to get to an air drop full of crucial supplies. Featuring parkour, car traps and drop-kick attacks, all key elements in the game.

The game has been available for digital download in the UK since 30th January and is out on physical release this Friday 24th February.

The Last Supply Drop – Dying Light Short Live-Action Film –

Another Dying Light video came out on the 9th January, it was filmed as POV and has been watched by almost half a million people, no doubt an inspiration for the release of the above video yesterday in time for the physical release launch on Friday –

Will you be fighting for survival at the end of the week showing off your parkour skills, crafting and setting traps? Or are you already a Dying Light zombie stomping expert?

Let us know in the comments, on Twitter or via our Facebook page.

See you on in the morning, if you make it……………….


Hannah Nichols

Gamer, geek and mum of 2. Social Media Manager and occasional reviewer!

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