Make some time for this puzzler.

Today Gamesoft, a brand new Australian developer, have announced it’s debut game Clockwork.

Clockwork is a 2D puzzle platforming adventure set in Watchtower, a mechanical city that is divided by wealth and poverty after a great plague. Its residents have found shelter within its metal walls and metal bodies.

Clockwork_screenshots_01   Clockwork_screenshots_08

You control a young boy called Atto who is able to duplicate himself and slip through time avoiding obstacles, thanks to his mechanical friend Milli.

Watch the offcial teaser trailer to see more –

Clockwork is being fully revealed at GDC (Game Developments Conference) in San Francisco March 2-6 2015. We will be sure to bring you any more information on the game as soon as we hear it.

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Hannah Nichols

Gamer, geek and mum of 2. Social Media Manager and occasional reviewer!

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